About Us

Company Background

Ratnesh International is an enterprising company with its interests in automobile, industrial machinery, electrical & electronics and fashion. Ratnesh International has been a pioneering force in the automobile & industrial machinery sector with many firsts and innovations to its credit.

To diversify ahead dealing with all competitive companies Internationally & in India for long and having exposed to know the international edges on these products, we entered in manufacturing automotive appliances, home electronic products, shoes, backpacks, fashion wear and selling it under own brand “RNG EKO GREEN” over world’s most trusted E commerce online marketplace ‘Amazon’ for past four years and we are the rank 1 and best sellers on amazon.in all over India since we entered with our own products. In retail market we have tied up with ‘Croma’ (Tata group) & ‘Reliance Digital’ and both have combined 550+ Electronics retail stores pan India.


Ratnesh International, after having in-depth research commenced in manufacturing of Automotive appliances, Fashion Wear & Home Electronics products under one brand “RNG EKO GREEN” with the concept that today every customer wants similar comfort be it inside home, outside home or inside car when he commutes, to his workplace or for recreation e.g. Air Conditioning, Cleanliness and Hygiene, Recreation through Music and Movies, Safety and Emergency Handling, Purified air.

RNG EKO GREEN brand products gives you a complete solution with ready to use in automotive electronics & home electronic products which are smart, efficient, usable, compact, increase comfort, provides safety, reduce work and are environmental friendly.

Range of RNG EKO GREEN products give complete confidence to its customers not merely by the design and the exteriors of the products but also by giving a complete solution to all car and home related chores So with this idea in mind we started manufacturing vacuum cleaners for keeping cars & homes clean, car air compressor for safety of tyre, car safety hammer for use in emergency situation and safe life by breaking car glass and cutting seat belt, air fryer for making life healthy for common man, electric cookers for reducing workload of women, providing healthy food and more comfort to them. And recently we have entered into the fashion venture for the manufacturing of shoes, clothing & fashion accessories.

Company has also launched smart anti-theft backpacks for users who commute daily for office, schools, college, travel, shop etc. Backpack is designed in such a way that all items kept inside backpacks are safe from weather and stealth. Also it has USB charging port and headphone socket to help users for charging their mobile phones, tablets safely and also enjoy music while travelling and can receive calls also. Same way every product launched by company has a proper research done by our R&D team and there is proper vision, mission and marketing idea behind every product.


Company follows the world’s best European standards & comply certifications viz. CE, RoHS & GS with the vision of raising living standards by one level up for all classes. The company believes in 5 senses theory (vision, touch, smell, hear, taste). Consumer only buys product when he /she gets a complete satisfaction for his/her 5 senses. RNG EKO GREEN products are designed in such a way so as to trigger the maximum senses of a consumer. Company believes that if RNG EKO GREEN brand product can stimulate additional senses of a buyer which simply edges out competitor’s brand product.

RNG EKO GREEN ensures world’s best quality material by using best technology, skilled labour, Company keeps specific R&D team (from Germany & France) which looks after smart unique concepts & ideas then fixes design and themes to introduce new product into the market.

We believe in the continuous evaluation, quality checking and evolution for every product by bettering its quality, features, usability and safety.

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